The founder of the company, Mr. G . Alexander, is the founder and partner of Compulocks group (, The company has a range of patents and security devices for computer and other products. The company has been selling its products successfully world-wide since 1983.

Mr. G . Alexander,  suffers from chronic Asthma from a very young age. Until this day, he vividly recalls feeling frustrated and ashamed as a child having to carry around a medical apparatus, an inhaler, everywhere he went. Mr. G . Alexander further remembers how to overcome this difficult emotional experience, he tried to “forget” the inhaler and to get rid of it in any way possible. Thus, not only he suffered emotionally, but also put himself in danger medically.

On this basis, Mr G . Alexander developed the idea of turning inhalers used by children with asthma into something the children would love, and enjoy having. This is how “Medidolls” was born.


Advantages of Medidolls:

  • Turns the attitudes and feelings toward the inhaler from negative and shameful to positive and joyful
  • Fights the stigma associated with carrying around a medical apparatus
  • Easy to operate -  Very Easy to Insert and remove the inhaler, in and out of its Medidoll
  • Keeps the inhaler clean and free from germs
  • Protects the inhaler from physical harm
  • Solves the problem of “forgetting” the inhaler
  • Easy to carry – can be easily wrapped around the child’s neck or attach to the child’s bag